• Arduino

  • Breadboard Arduino Compatible Kit (BBAC)

    A kit with all the components you need to produce your very own Arduino compatible on a breadboard. Simply place the included layout sheet on......


    £9.58 ex VAT

  • Shield (ISP Programming) for Arduino (Kit)

    Want to move your project from a full Arduino board to one you've made yourself? To do this you'll need to burn the Arduino bootloader.......


    £8.33 ex VAT

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  • Adafruit Boarduino

    A great little Arduino clone that is perfect for breadboard based projects. This clone acts just like an Arduino, and works with the latest Arduino......


    £11.67 ex VAT

  • AVR Programmer Kit (USBtiny ISP)

    USBtinyISP is a simple open-source USB AVR programmer and SPI interface. It is low cost, easy to make, works great with avrdude, has both 6......


    £14.58 ex VAT

  • Arduino Component Bundle

    Looking to move an Arduino project from the prototyping stage to something a bit more permanent? Here are all the components you need to make......


    £6.25 ex VAT

  • ATMega328 Chip (w/ Arduino Bootloader)

    An ATMega 328 Chip preloaded with the Arduino bootloader. This will allow you to upgrade your Arduino Duemilanove/Diecimiela 168, or add a handful of components......


    £4.17 ex VAT

  • USB - Serial Converter

    A really useful USB-Serial adapter, simply install the drivers and then communicate with any TTL level Serial device. Use it to program your own Arduino......


    £8.75 ex VAT