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Arduino Budget Pack (ARDB)

Arduino Budget Pack (ARDB)

(£33.75 ex. VAT)

A great bundle of bits to get you started playing around with an Arduino on a budget.

With a Prototyping Bundle for Arduino (Arduino Uno, breadboard & laser cut acrylic holder), jumper wires, LEDs, pushbuttons, potentiometers, resistors, a photo resistor, and a USB programming cable. You'll have everything you need to start making some really cool stuff.


  • Prototyping Bundle for Arduino
    • Arduino Uno (Rev 3) (x1)
    • 400 Point Breadboard (x1)
    • Laser Cut Acrylic Holder (x1)
  • USB Programming Cable (x1)
  • 70 Piece Jumper Wire Bundle (x1)
  • Pushbutton (x2)
  • Photo Resistor (x1)
  • LEDs (green 5mm) (x5) (red 5mm) (x5)
  • Potentiometers (10k Ohm (x2)
  • Resistors (10k Ohm) (x10) (560 Ohm) (x10)


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