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Arduino Component Bundle

Arduino Component Bundle

(£6.25 ex. VAT)

Looking to move an Arduino project from the prototyping stage to something a bit more permanent? Here are all the components you need to make your own, Arduino compatible (MCu, crystal, power supply & neccesary passive components).


  • ATMega328 (pre-programmed with Arduino bootloader (Uno)) (x1)
  • IC Socket (28 Pin) (x1)
  • Crystal (16 MHz) (x1)
  • Voltage Regulator (5 Volt 7805) (x1)
  • Pushbutton (x1)
  • LEDs (5mm Green)(x1) (5mm Red)(x1)
  • Resistors (10k Ohm) (x2) (560 Ohm) (x2)
  • Capacitors (100 nf) (x2) (100 uf) (x2) (22pF) (x2)


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