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Shield (Proto (Budget)) for Arduino (x3)

Shield (Proto (Budget)) for Arduino (x3)

(£10.00 ex. VAT)

A great no frills prototyping shield. Doing away with little extras like tin plating, and solder-mask has let us produce a package of three shields for a really nice price. With loads of prototyping space (26 x 10+) and compatible with stacking we think it's the loveliest prototyping shield out there.


  • Large prototyping area. (26x10 0.1" spaced main area)
  • OSP (Organic Solder-ability Preservative) coated to prevent tarnishing of the copper, and make soldering easy.
  • Compatible with stacking on top of or beneath other shields.
  • Well priced
  • Breaks out all Arduino USB board pins.


  • Budget Prototyping Kit (x3)


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