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Athey Moravetz' Laser-Cut Pegboard Tool and Parts Organisers

Gareth Halfacree

Athey Moravetz' laser-cut pegboard organisers

We're always on the lookout for anything that can tame the chaos of an active workshop, and if we can create it ourselves on a laser cutter we're even happier. From our own creations like the WENT laser-cut end table to Wim Van Gool's soldering tool organisers, you'll find plenty of singed-edge wood around our premises - and now we have another excuse to fire up the tube thanks to Athey Moravetz' pegboard accessories.

Pegboard - also known as pegwall - has long been a standard for organising often strangely-shaped objects in a confined space. Designed to hang on a wall, the pegboard has a series of regularly-spaced holes drilled through it into which the pegs - hence the name - of various mounts are inserted. In shops, you may find pegboard being used to create custom-height shelving arrangements; in the workshop, it's often used to hold power tools and larger hand tools in a visually-pleasing, easy-find, and footprint-light layout.

Athey's problem began when he mounted a pegboard for his artist daughter. "All of the regular pegboard stuff I find is intended to hold more traditional workshop tools," he explained, "and not really designed for holding art supplies like brushes, coloured pencils, and paints." His solution: laser-cut boxes, bins, and a wide shelf, all of which can be quickly and cheaply cut and assembled before being mounted directly into standard off-the-shelf pegboard. While built with his daughter's art supplies in mind, the storage bins should prove equally useful for any small parts or tools lying around the workshop.

Athey's designs are available from Thingiverse under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

This is a variety of different types of boxes and bins, and a wide shelf, intended to hold the sort of thing she needed held. If they were useful to me, I figured they could be useful to someone else too. All of the notches in the vectors are designed with 1/8th inch thick plywood in mind (so .125in which is fairly equivalent to 3mm thick plywood if your source is metric).

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