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.:EVENT:. - Shenzhen Hacker Camp 2014

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It's an open secret that Shenzhen (China) is the center of the consumer electronics world. It's a treasure trove of electronics manufacturers, markets and know how. However it can be a daunting place to explore, which is why we're super excited about the hacker workshop being put on by Dangerous Prototypes.

It's a three day intro to the city with some pretty amazing elements.

  • A tour of the electronics markets in Huaqiangbei.

  • Time with some of Shenzhen's local hackers.

  • What promises to be a truly great (2 day) soldering class at Shenzhen's "Cell Phone Repair School".

We'll be attending and if you can find any excuse recommend you do too.

Full details (Shenzhen Hacker Camp Mini Site)

(apologies for the over use of 'amazing' and great' we're just really excited)

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