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A Tour of UK Maker Belt-Based Kitronik

Gareth Halfacree

Kitronik is a fellow hobbyist electronics company based right here in the UK Maker Belt, an area currently defined as a box drawn from Hull, through the canal to Nottingham, then the canal back up to Liverpool, which is home to a surprising concentration of exciting maker-themed businesses (ourselves included, of course.) The team at Kitronik has recently posted a behind-the-scenes tour which offers a detailed insight into its founders, workers and facilities, as well as its cultural ethos.

Founded in 2005, the same year that Make Magazine first provided the catalyst for the Maker Movement, it is not surprising that Kitronik has rapidly expanded year by year – just as the Maker Movement has gathered increasing momentum. As keen makers ourselves, over 60% of the products that we sell are our own designs.
Noticing a significant void in the resources available for those starting out with Electronics, [founders] Geoff and Kevin decided to design a range of electronic project kits that were tailor-made to suit the National Curriculum programmes of study for Design and Technology at Key Stages 3 and 4. These kits were supplied with ready to use teaching notes from which teachers could base their schemes of work. We went on to develop these kits to not only support Design and Technology Departments in schools, but to also inspire makers at home.
The full tour is available on the Kitronik website, alongside the company's justly famous Electro-Fashion electronic textiles range.

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