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Kiktronik's Arduino-Powered Thread-Winder in Action

Gareth Halfacree

We only wrote about our friends at fellow UK Maker Belter Kiktronik recently, when they posted a behind-the-scenes tour, but we couldn't resist joining them in celebration of a wonderful hack developed for their Electro-Fashion conductive thread. We design and build a lot of our own handy-dandy tools using the equipment we have at hand, from laser-cut MDF to Arduinos, and it's always wonderful to see the can-do spirit that pervades maker culture in action elsewhere.

Take an old and used thread winding machine, an Arduino Uno, our Relay Board Kit, an LCD Screen, a few switches, a 5V Power Supply (and a few more parts here and there) and we have… a Thread Winding Machine designed to measure and wind a piece of conductive thread neatly around an Electro-Fashion bobbin!

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