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The Wuthering Bytes Festival - Friday the 15th August

Gareth Halfacree

The UK Maker Belt, an area roughly contained in a a box drawn from Hull through the canal to Nottingham then via the canal back up to Liverpool and home to some of the most exciting makers in the world, is to have a higher-than-usual concentration of excellence next week when the second annual Wuthering Bytes festival kicks off in nearby Hebden Bridge. We've already mentioned the OSHCamp talks taking place on Saturday, but the three-day event also includes some familiar faces displaying their expertise on Friday the 15th.

The whole schedule is impressive in its splendour, but as hands-on makers our personal highlights include James Macfarlane & Ed Moore from Airborne Engineering demonstrating open rocket science, Dan Morrison detailing Blott Works' impressive hand-made clock, and Sophie Wilson - formerly of Cambridge-based home computing pioneer Acorn and co-designer of the ARM instruction set architecture that powers the overwhelming majority of phones and tablets - taking about the future of microprocessors.

Tickets are still available for the full three-day schedule, or any individual day - and if you pick one up, we'll see you there!

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