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Bread Board Maniac's Wooden Wonders

Gareth Halfacree

When a company called Bread Board Maniac sets up shop, it catches our interest; when one of its first products is a solderless breadboard made from wood, it gets our attention. As a result, we've been spending the last short while looking longingly at the company's webshop and wondering if we can justify augmenting our warehouse toolkits with a few wooden accessories, such as the aforementioned but sadly prohibitively expensive fir wood breadboard, a wooden Arduino Pro Mini case, or even the cute wooden micro-USB power connector. The team's soon-to-finish Kickstarter campaign for a LEGO-compatible semi-permanent prototyping board dubbed the Biscuit Board is also intriguing, even though it is made of more common plastic.

Creators with diverse backgrounds belong to the BBM team, specialised in blacksmith, design, and robotics. The BBM team explore further the expansion of possibility of breadboards. Its main activities are to develop and to keep providing you a lot of exciting items for breadboarding! Our goal is to give you a great thrill and pleasure through our research achievement.

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