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The Wuthering Bytes Workshops - Sunday the 17th August

Gareth Halfacree

The week we've been waiting for has finally arrived: the Wuthering Bytes festival in Hebden Bridge, the temporary centre of the UK Maker Belt, begins on Friday. We've already waxed lyrical about the exciting talks on Friday and the OSHCamp presentations on Saturday, but there's another reason to be popping along to sunny Yorkshire this weekend: hands-on workshops on the Sunday.

Designed to appeal to everyone from beginners to specialists, the workshops are many and varied. From building a Phenoptix MeArm with its inventor Ben Gray to making your own cut-price Arduino-compatible PCB Shrimp with Matt Venn, Simon Cook's hands-on with the multi-core Parallella to an introductory tutorial on the ever-so-handy Bus Pirate with Melanie Rhianna Lewis, there's likely to be something to interest almost any taste - and that's without mentioning the more adventurous options, like building a working flood sensor network for the notoriously wet Hebden Bridge with Ben Ward.

The full list of workshops is available on the official website, while a number of tickets are still available for any and all days of the event if you're thinking of joining us there.

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