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Arduino TRE IDE Gets a Preview

Gareth Halfacree

The Arduino team has unveiled a first glimpse of the upcoming integrated development environment (IDE) update that will add support for the Arduino TRE Linux-based development board. Designed in conjunction with the team, the Arduino TRE combines the microcontroller-based real-time control capabilities of the Arduino Uno with a powerful 1GHz Sitara microprocessor which runs a specialised version of the GNU/Linux operating system. In short: it aims to be the best of both the microcontroller and the microcomputer worlds in a single, Arduino-compatible design.

New hardware needs new software, and a group of 100 beta testers are currently trying out the latest Arduino IDE ahead of the board's release. The new IDE includes features designed specifically for the TRE, including management of wireless and wired networks, an integrated serial monitor, and a new home screen that promises to provide quick access to libraries, examples and firmware updates for the TRE. Sadly, there's one thing the Arduino team still hasn't offered: a release date.

We are getting closer and closer to the first release of the new TRE IDE. We are currently working on finalising some features for the Ethernet and WiFi connection, and for the Serial Monitor. We are also designing a new Arduino TRE Home, a place where users will be able to launch all the apps available for the TRE, run updates, and get support.

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