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Ed Simmons' Frankengluegun Upgrade

Gareth Halfacree

There's a bodger's rule that states that you need only two tools in the workshop: a hammer for things that don't move but should, and gaffer tape for things that move but shouldn't. We're fans of diversity here at oomlout, so our kit box includes a third item: glue guns, for when gaffer tape won't cut it. We're lucky enough to have picked up some industrial-grade units cheaply, but for the maker on a budget Ed Simmons' Frakengluegun, spotted via Hack a Day, is a project worth reading: upgrading a cheap hobbyist-grade glue gun to include accurate temperature control.

I searched for temperature controlled glue guns and was horrified by the cost of them. I decided that since they were so expensive and 'normal' glue guns are not designed for the kind of abuse we give them during a production run of controllers, that I should make my own temperature controlled glue gun.

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