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Found on Tindie: Circuit Patterns Trading Cards

Gareth Halfacree

Here at oomlout we're big fans of continuous lifelong learning - in case our Arduino Experimentation Kit (ARDX) wasn't enough of a clue - which is why we're tickled pink to have found an electronics-themed trading card set on the Tindie marketplace. Designed by London-based Nick Johnson's Arachnid Labs as gifts for those who buy his kits, the full 32-card set is now available as a single pack for just shy of £10 delivered. Each card contains the circuit diagram and description of a particular common circuit type, from a field-effect transistor (FET) switch to a sample-and-hold loop. You won't get far playing whist or canasta with these cards, true, but as a pocket-sized reference they're undeniably neat. Better still, the source files are freely downloadable via GitHub if you'd prefer to print your own, modify the set or create new cards to extend the circuits on offer.

Each card has a schematic and short description of a common circuit pattern in electronics. Topics covered include digital, analogue, and power electronics. There are 32 cards in total, all unique. Blue cards are Digital, yellow cards are Analogue, and green cards are Power.

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