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Repairing PCBs With a SchmartPatch

Gareth Halfacree

The guys over at SchmartBoard, creators of novel solder applications designed to make it easier for beginners to get started, have announced an impending new product that could prove handy: the SchmartPatch. Designed to make it easy to repair circuits with damaged solder pads on surface-mount components, the SchmartPatches are PCB strips with common surface-mount device (SMD) pads pre-printed. Find the pad matching the damaged circuit portion, cut it off and stick it to the board with the pre-applied adhesive. Solder on your new component, connect it to whatever remains of the original pads - or nearby traces if the pads are completely destroyed - with wires and you’re done.

Many calls we have received over the years have to do with how can I repair a pad on a circuit board to replace a bad capacitor or other surface mount part. We have also hear of times where designers have produced a first batch of boards and need to add a part such as a resistor to tweak it to the right value for instance.

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