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Jude Pullen's Card Rabbet Tool

Gareth Halfacree

One of the biggest differences between a hobby project and one aimed at wider dissemination is the design process, in particular modelling things before building them. While you can spend a fortune on the equipment for this - everything from 3D printers to high-end modelling software - there are cheaper options, and Jude Pullen has released the files required to build a handy low-cost device to add to your bag: a tool for making rabbet joints in corrugated cardboard. That might sound very garden-shed basic, but the same materials and techniques have been used to create design models of everything from Dyson vacuum cleaners to space-suit backpacks for NASA. The tool's parts will need 3D printing, either at your local hackspace or via a commercial service, and then assembling per Jude's instructions.

Having taught quite a few workshops, I have been aware that the ‘filleting’ technique of removing the corrugated card is one that takes some time to master, so I set about creating a tool which would make this easier – The Card Rabbet Tool was born!

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