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Matt Coates' Arduino-Driven SMT Reflow Oven

Gareth Halfacree

If you've been playing with electronics for a while you may find your projects reaching a level of complexity that requires surface-mount technology (SMT), and that's when things can begin to get expensive. Sky Labs Electronics' Matt Coates found himself in need of a reflow oven for SMT soldering and did what any good maker should at least consider: hacked one together using a cheap off-the-shelf toaster oven, an Arduino, a thermocouple and a relay, all housed in a neatly laser-cut box. It's a great project, but always bear in mind when working with mains voltages that they can easily spoil your day: always isolate the circuit before working on it, practice your relay-wiring skills with low-voltage low-current projects first, and keep everything nicely insulated when you're putting it back together.

We have successfully managed to build a temperature controlled reflow oven using an Arduino based PID controller and a standard toaster oven from Robert Dyas! This is a must have accessory for any hobbyist who regularly uses surface mount components within their designs.

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