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Charles Pax's Arduino-Powered T400 Datalogger

Gareth Halfacree

For many makers, there's a point where an experiment bears surprising fruit and a potential real-world product emerges. For Charles Pax, of the NYC Resistor hackspace, that point was reached recently with the creation of the Pax Instruments T400 datalogger. Based on the Arduino Leonardo platform, the T400 offers four-channel temperature logging to a micro-SD card and a real-time graph on a liquid-crystal display using industry-standard K-type probes at a fraction of the cost of existing lab-grade hardware. Better still, the hardware and software design files are released under a permissive licence for reuse and modification. The T400 is a great example of how an Arduino-based project can grow into a product, and we're pleased to see Charles has already beaten his $6,250 goal on crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

with help from a few friends, I set out to solve this problem by creating an easy-to-use “plug and play” device that’s more than accurate enough for most purposes, yet still has the flexibility of an open system. After many months of careful designing, I’m thrilled to introduce the result of our efforts: the T400 Temperature Datalogger!

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