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Found on Tindie: ZX Spectrum Breadboard Accessory

Gareth Halfacree

A generation of makers are growing up today thinking that hardware hacking began with the Raspberry Pi, but Alexander "Shaos" Shabarshin is out to remind people that isn't the case. Through his company Ternary Research, Alexander has launched a new add-on for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum - launched in 1982 as the successor to the Cambridge-based Sinclair's ZX81 microcomputer - which provides breakout pins and a solderless breadboard for the user port at the rear. At £16.58 including shipping to the UK and the discount code CCC6919, it's certainly not the cheapest way to interface modern hardware with the Spectrum but it's undeniably neat. Better still, the Eagle files required to print your own circuit boards have been released into the public domain along with those for a more compact breakout board.

[This] breadboard with clearly named signals is ideal way to try new peripheral designs for ZX-Spectrum without soldering! Also Eagle source files are available as Public Domain!

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