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Arduino and Atmel announce Wi-Fi Shield 101

Gareth Halfacree

An Arduino is a great way to quickly build a device for what the media likes to call the Internet of Things (IoT), but getting the 'Internet' part of that up and running isn't always easy. An Ethernet Shield is only useful if you can run a network cable where the Arduino needs to live, and the high price of the Wi-Fi Shield puts many makers off. As a result, we're pleased to see Arduino and Atmel - the company responsible for the ATmega microcontrollers that drive most Arduino boards - partnering on what they've called the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101. Based on the Atmel WNC1500 chip, it adds new security features, 802.11b/g/n support and promises to be a "cost-effective option" compared to its predecessor - although we've yet to hear actual figures from either party, tempering our enthusiasm somewhat.

Expanding our portfolio of Arduino extensions, this new shield can flawlessly connect to any modern Arduino board giving our community more options for connectivity, along with added security elements to their creative projects.

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