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Giles Grover's Small Machines

Gareth Halfacree

Robotics is a topic we're passionate about here at oomlout, but we're also aware it can be difficult to introduce to younger children owing to the often complex electronic nature of such devices. Our friend Giles Grover, a fellow UK Maker Belt denizen based in Sheffield, has an answer: hydraulic-powered wooden-framed mechanical robots dubbed Small Machines. His designs, which now number five, are all laser-cut from FSC-approved wood sources and are powered by water from a syringe, making them exceptionally suitable for use with younger makers. Giles' blog demonstrates the evolution of his creations, while his Kickstarter campaign (we've backed it) seeks a modest £9,800 to bring their production in-house with the leasing of larger premises and the purchase of a laser cutter and associated tools.

Laser cut, self-build, hydraulic powered construction kits. Desktop in size, fun for all ages. Designed and made in Sheffield, UK.

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