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Found on Tindie: The SnapNsew Kit

Gareth Halfacree

Textiles and electronics go hand-in-hand these days thanks to specialised low-power microcontrollers and conductive thread. We looked at the latter when our friends at Kiktronik were showing off a thread winding tool, and browsing independent product marketplace Tindie we came across a new example of the former: the SnapNsew Kit from MakersBox. Based around an Atmel ATtiny microcontroller - giving it partial compatibility with the Arduino IDE, providing you manually install a hardware definition file - the low-cost kit includes everything you need to get started with 'soft-circuits' in a clever snap-apart PCB design available as open hardware from OSH Park. If you'd like to see the kit in action, there's an Instructable demonstrating a basic project.

I've created this system which allows you to easily create and test a working microcontroller circuit with basic inputs and outputs using standard through-hole components and a printed circuit board.

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