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Petteri Aimonen's Sound-Damping CNC Router Enclosure

Gareth Halfacree


Here at oomlout, we're lucky to work in lovely industrial premises with plenty of room for all our toys and no noise-sensitive neighbours. For a lot of makers the home has to double as a workshop, and that puts something of a damper on what equipment can be used and when. Petteri Aimonen's solution for using his CNC router in his apartment, spotted on Hackaday, is particularly neat: an attractive MDF cabinet with some clever design features, including a temperature-based cut-off and a door that lays flat for easy access to the innards - not to mention the upholstered top, which allows the unit to double as a stool. It's a smart solution to a problem that increasing numbers of makers are going to encounter as routers and 3D printers move out of industry and into the home.

With heavy milling, such as aluminium or milling wood with an 8mm bit, the noise gets somewhat annoying. But in my normal usage with light milling of plastic, the router is less noisy than our dishwasher. Also dust and chips stay nicely inside the box and are easy to vacuum off afterwards.

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