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Boldport's PCBmodE Circuit Design Tool Turns 3.0

Gareth Halfacree

Our friend Saar Drimer at UK-based circuit design specialist Boldport has announced the latest release of the company's open-source PCB design software. PCBmodE 3.0 is a considerable upgrade from its predecessors, which Boldport has been using internally to create some of the most attractive fusions of art and engineering we've ever seen. The Python-based software takes JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files as its input and turns them into a scalable vector graphic (SVG), which is then translated into Gerber and Excellon files suitable for commercial production on any scale. While it's not the most beginner-friendly of tools, it's well documented and the results speak for themselves.

I really hope that PCBmodE will experience more users and develop a healthy and productive community around it. Please help where you can and send feedback my way. Solder on!

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