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Ben Gray's MeArm Robot Goes Big

Gareth Halfacree

Regular readers will remember when we highlighted the MeArm, a laser-cut open robotic arm created from a single A4-size piece of acrylic and the creation of fellow UK Maker Belt Association member phenoptix. Since our post, Ben Gray's project has gone from strength to strength with a cameo role in national TV programme The Gadget Show and its open design files having been hacked to create a stronger 3D-printed variant. Most exciting of all, though, is the news that Ben has entered a partnership to create MeArm Limited, a company solely focused on the development and production of what for our money is easily the best educational robot arm in its price bracket.

Last Monday I made a very hard decision and decided to take another leap into the unknown with the #meArm. Joining forces with Des19nCore we have formed MeArm limited to make the most of the potential that the little robot from phenoptix has.

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