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Dangerous Prototypes' Hacker Camp Shenzen 3

Gareth Halfacree

Here at oomlout we like little more than a trip to China's Shenzen, home to the world's most impressive electronics markets and a source of every tool and component you could imagine. We're hardly alone in our admiration for the place, either, but our friends at Dangerous Prototypes go a stage further and look to introduce others to its wonders with semi-regular Hacker Camp Shenzhen events. The next such event, Hacker Camp Shenzen Volume 3: Reflow, includes a 'party bus' on which attendees - strictly limited to 20 tickets - will tour the markets at Huaqiangbei, South China City, and Shajing. It's a great opportunity for those who haven't been before: a translator will be on-hand, making things a lot smoother for all involved compared to visiting on your own - and if you're wondering what kind of people are involved in a company called 'Dangerous Prototypes,' a look at how open they are about sharing their knowledge and experiences should reassure you that they're Good Guys.

Hacker Camp Shenzhen volume 3: “Reflow” is on! Join us from Thursday December 4 to Saturday December 6, 2014 for fun, food and 3 solid days of market tours in Shenzhen China and beyond. Tickets are available now.

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