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Jim Hannon's DIY Injection Moulding Machine

Gareth Halfacree

There's a lot of buzz these days surrounding building your own manufacturing equipment, something we heartily endorse here at oomlout. While the bulk of the column inches are spent on 3D printing hardware, we've seen everything from home-made lathes and CNC mills to laser cutters using diodes from old Blu-ray drives. Now. Jim Hannon has drawn our attention to Vincent Gingery's book Secrets of Building a Plastic Injection Molding Machine - proven by Jim's write-up for MAKE Magazine to let the determined hobbyist build the equipment needed to make professional plastic creations. While there's still the matter of creating the moulds - CNC-milled from metal blocks, in Jim's case - it's an affordable way of getting to play with what would otherwise be high-end industrial manufacturing technologies.

David Gingery could be considered a forerunner of the maker movement — he and his son Vincent have written a whole series of books on building tools for the machine shop. This project should cost between $100 and $200.

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