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Xavier Gonzalo's Gigapixel Panorama Robots

Gareth Halfacree

Here at oomlout we're firm believers in the power of the Arduino: it's permissively licensed, lends itself well to customisation and is easily accessible even for electronics and programming novices. These facts, coupled with its low cost, lead some to assume that it's little more than a toy - but that couldn't be further from the truth. Photographer Xavier Gonzalo demonstrates that perfectly in a blog post for DIY Photography in which he talks about a family of custom-built gigapixel panorama robots he created using an Arduino Uno, owing to off-the-shelf alternatives failing to offer detailed control or support the weight of the DSLR camera and lens pairing he had chosen. The result: robots capable of snapping thousands of individual photographs with a Nikon D5200 camera for later stitching into a single high-quality image almost 100 gigapixels in resolution - around 50,000 times more detail than a Full HD TV image.

My first step was to buy an Arduino Uno and a stepper motor. This stepper motor moves by small increments, around 200 steps for a complete turn. If I can control the movement of the motor , I can control the movement of the camera.

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