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Jonathan Odom's Guide to Digital Fabrication by Hand

Gareth Halfacree

Here at oomlout we'd be lost without our handy-dandy laser cutter, but we appreciate that even with the growing trend for open-access cooperative manufacturing facilities and hackspaces not everyone has easy access to such equipment yet. Someone else who clearly understands that is Instructables staffer Jonathan Odom, who has posted a great guide to using many of the same concepts in digital manufacturing to cut and construct objects by hand. Using nothing but affordable hand-tools and plywood, Jonathan walks the reader through building a laptop stand which was designed digitally in much the same way as the owner of a 3D printer, laser cutter or CNC mill would. While not every design file you'd find on Thingiverse and similar sites would be suitable for hand fabrication, the project shows that lack of access to industrial equipment needn't exclude anyone from the maker revolution.

It's awesome having all the space-age robots at the pier to do our fabrication bidding, but with a little patience, there's very little difference in the kind and quality of work you can produce. Don't be intimidated by complex geometry! With this technique, you can cut out just about anything.

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