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Seppo Syrjänen's AsTra Arduino-Powered Altitude Tracker

Gareth Halfacree


Here at oomlout we always like to see what our customers do with the components they buy, and we're frequently rewarded with some very clever creations indeed. One such customer, Seppo Syrjänen, has been showing off his Arduino-based altitude data logger AsTra. Short for AScent TRAcker and built for Seppo's hobby of indoor climbing, AsTra's progress can be followed from its original bulky breadboard prototype based around an Arduino Uno and a barometric pressure sensor through to a polished final build using an Arduino Pro Mini in a customised case. As well as his build log, Seppo has kindly shared a video of the AsTra in action along with full documentation and source code via GitHub.

AsTra is a smallish (12x6x2.5 cm, 200 g) wearable device to record altitude (based on barometric pressure) four times every second to an SD card. For convenience also time, name of the climber and grade of the route are selectable and stored with every ascent.

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