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Ben Light's Slinky Machine Work-in-Progress

Gareth Halfacree

We've spent a lot of time of late focusing on builds that have a definite use-case: an altitude tracker for climbers; robots for gigapixel photography; build-it-yourself laser cutters; even injection moulding machines. Sometimes, though, a build should be undertaken for its own sake - as perfectly demonstrated by Ben Light's latest work-in-progress: The Slinky Machine. The perfect tool for those who enjoy oversized loose springs but who don't have easy access to stairs, the device does nothing but push the Slinky one way and then the other. In other words, it's a twist on the classic useless machine - and a mesmerising way to finish the week.

Because a Slinky wasn’t fun enough. Still in the prototype stage, needs the timing to be adjusted, but the Slinky Machine was a very fun build. I love ridiculous machines.

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