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Gee Bartlett's Maker Calendar UK

Gareth Halfacree

The growing popularity of making as a hobby is great news for everyone, as is the increasing number of events around the world dedicated to the subject. As the numbers grow, though, keeping track can be tricky, which is why we're pleased as punch that our friend and fellow UK Maker Belt Association member Gee Bartlett has gone to the effort to set up the Maker Calendar UK. As the name suggests, the Maker Calendar UK is a resource for anyone who wants to become more heavily involved in 'the scene.' Gee has attempted to find something for everyone, from Maker Faires and their Mini spin-offs to hack-days, science festivals and even trade shows for technologies related to the maker movement. For anyone organising an event, we'd advise getting in touch with Gee to see it added to the calendar; for everyone else, now you've no excuse for missing an event again!

This calendar contains: Major International and UK Maker Faires; Confirmed National Mini Maker Faire; Confirmed Raspberry Jams; Hackdays; Science Festivals; University/ Educational Festivals; Tech Trade Shows.

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