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Harm Alexander Aldick's Lorem Ipsum Arduino-Powered Messenger

Gareth Halfacree

Although we get great pleasure out of builds that answer a real need here at oomlout, sometimes building something purely for fun is just what the doctor ordered. We've already showcased Ben Light's Slinky Machine, which 'exercises' his Slinky spring in the absence of stairs, but Harm Alexander Aldick's Lorem Ipsum is arguably slightly less useless: it allows Internet users to transmit messages to be displayed on an 8x8 LED matrix. Spotted via Hackaday, the project serves at least one real-world purpose: it's a great demonstration of how an Arduino and Ethernet Shield - or just the dedicated Arduino Ethernet - can be used to create internet-connected gadgets quickly, easily and with a bare-minimum power draw.

On the hardware side Lorem Ipsum is based on a 8x8 LED matrix, an Arduino microcontroller and an ethernet module, all of which are housed in an IKEA RIBBA picture frame. By an IPv6 internet connection Lorem Ipsum is globally accessible directly from the internet.

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