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James Stokebrand's Laser-Cutting Sample Board 'Cheat Sheet'

Gareth Halfacree

For the uninitiated, laser cutting can seem like a dark art - and even for those with a little experience, the journey from idea to creation can be somewhat trial-and-error. Fellow laser-cutting enthusiast James Stokebrand has worked to help reduce the 'error' part of that process, creating a sample board design which shows off various vector line and raster fill settings for laser engraving. Although designed for use with the Ponoko create-on-demand service, the files are freely available to download and modify and are perfect for hobbyists to use on their personal - or hackspace-provided - laser cutter. Simply load the material you're planning to use and cut the sample and you'll see at-a-glance how the various fills and lines will appear - giving you the information you need to get the perfect finish when you come to engrave your own designs.

Free P1 design that demonstrates the range of raster fill and vector line engraving examples. Added vector line hints to help make future designs better. Make it in your material of choice and use it as a guide for future designs.

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