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Sudheera Silva's 1,000-LED Christmas Star Project

Gareth Halfacree

We're big fans of the humble light-emitting diode here at oomlout, whether it's in the form of an eyeball-searing 100W unit driving a torch or more sedate versions helping wake up a child, and given that we're rapidly approaching a certain special day we were thrilled to see an impressive Arduino-powered decoration project highlighted by our friends at Adafruit: a Christmas star built from a thousand 10mm high-brightness LEDs. Using an Arduino Uno-compatible board, a dedicated power supply, 74HC595 shift registers and TIP122 transistors, Sudheera Vishwamithra Silva has created an impressive piece which includes animation capabilities shown off to great effect in his YouTube video. Just one warning, though: if you're tempted to build something similar, you've left it a little late as it took Sudheera eight months to complete. Still, there's always Christmas 2015!

This is my 2014 Xmas project, which is dedicated to my little son, daughter and all other kids in my neighbourhood. The project is a combination of Freetronics Eleven board, 74HC595 shift registers and TIP122 transistors together with my childhood hobby (Electronics), academics (Mathematics) and the profession (Software design/development).

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