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William Dudley's Arduino-Powered Networked Thermostat

Gareth Halfacree

With the Internet of Things (IoT) shining brightly in marketers' eyes and winter firmly here, it's no surprise to find the market becoming increasingly flooded with 'smart' thermostat controllers - many of which cost a considerable amount of money. William Dudley decided they cost too much money for too little flexibility, and turned to Arduino to build his own. Brought to our attention by Hackaday, William's build uses an Arduino Mega 2560 to control three heating zones, to synchronise the system's clock using the network time protocol (NTP) for high accuracy and to provide a handy web interface. Based on a previously published project, William's thermostat is a polished build which handily demonstrates how a single Arduino board can drive devices in multiple locations - as well as provide low-cost 'IoT' capabilities for makers and tinkerers who eschew proprietary off-the-shelf options.

Now, there's a fifth tier: "internet" and "phone controlled" thermostats, which run an eye-watering $250. I thought "that's stupid, I can make a better one than that, and it'll be waaaaay cooler than any of these." Several months of hacking and coding later, I have succeeded.

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