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Event: Open Source in Business, Thursday 22nd January

Gareth Halfacree

 The open ethos is very dear to our hearts here at oomlout, with many of our creations - from the OOpen Building Block System to the ARDX Arduino Starter Kit - being released under permissive licences. We believe that running a business doesn't mean giving up on sharing and openness, and we're not alone: plenty of other makers, from the UK Maker Belt and further afield, have similar ethics. As proof: the Open Source Hardware User Group is running an event on the 22nd of January which brings together some of our local friends and acquaintances to describe how they've integrated an open source ethos into their businesses.

Ben Gray will be there to talk about his recent success with the MeArm, while Pimoroni's Paul Beech will be discussing pitfalls and incidents surrounding various permissive licence types. On the software side, Matthew Bloch of Bytemark Hosting will be discussing how giving software away can be a legitimate business strategy, and Irenie White will offer an introduction to the Open Source Consortium. Interested parties free on the evening of the 22nd and within easy travelling range of the Sheffield Hallam University are advised to sign up for a free ticket.

Open Source in Business: an evening of talks exploring different commercial aspects of open source — hardware and software — including crowdfunding an open hardware microenterprise, navigating licensing issues, trade associations, and building a business on free software.

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