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TheShortWalk's Arduino-Powered External DSLR Camera Monitor

Gareth Halfacree

The beauty of the maker movement is that it's possible to build devices that are tailored precisely to your requirements, or that cost significantly less than an off-the-shelf alternative - or both. Imgur user TheShortWalk proved this recently with an impressive Arduino-powered external monitor for his digital SLR camera. Using an Arduino Pro Mini and an array of infra-red LEDs as a remote control for the camera, the monitor's body is assembled from laser-cut plastic with foam-padded grips while the buttons for its controls are 3D printed. The full image gallery does a great job of showing the various stages of the project, from the initial rough sketch to a cardboard form prototype and a highly-detailed 3D CAD model. The monitor can run from any 8-18V power source, and includes a rechargeable 11v lithium-polymer battery capable of running the device for over five hours - and cleverly held in place with elastic. A video overview gives a glimpse of the device in action, demonstrating how much easier it is to focus than with the camera's tiny on-body display.

I built an external DSLR camera monitor with a laser cutter, 3D printer, and Arduino Pro-Mini. It has 1280x800 pixel resolution, 5.5 hour battery life, and a built in IR remote to trigger photo and video capture on compatible Canon cameras.

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