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Found on Kickstarter: David Barker's StickyBUG Arduino Add-Ons

Gareth Halfacree

There has been a lot of coverage in the mainstream technology press of late for the concept of a modular smartphone. The general idea, as demonstrated by Google's Project Ara, is simple: a mainboard plays host to a selection of rectangular add-on modules which can be used to build a device tailored to the needs of a particular user. Saltburn-based maker David Barker has taken that concept and applied it to the world of Arduino, creating StickyBUG: a modular shield for Arduinos and compatibles. The StickySHIELD acts as the mainboard, connecting to the Arduino itself; half- or quarter-sized modules are simply inserted into its headers and become ready for use in sketches. David has already designed several StickyBUG add-on modules, including an LED bar graph, light sensor, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi radio, and motor controller, and has now turned to Kickstarter with a £4,000 goal to fund production.

I like the shield concept and I didn't want to throw everything away and start again with another variation of an Arduino theme. I wanted to build something new on top of the current Arduino platform.

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