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Found on Instructables: Robson Couto's Salvaged RGB LED Lamp

Gareth Halfacree

It's no secret that we're big fans of the light-emitting diode here at oomlout, and while we'd love it if you availed yourself of our wide-ranging stock of traditional and digital RGB LEDs there's something to be said for rescuing the parts for your next build from the scrap pile. As a result, we were thrilled to find Robson Couto's guide to using the lamp from an old scanner as a programmable RGB LED source. Using an Arduino to provide control logic, Robson was able to make use of the low-power light source as an adjustable RGB LED lamp without spending a fortune. Admittedly, the device isn't as adjustable as a digital RGB LED strip, where each 'smart' WS2812 LED can be addressed individually, but for providing mood lighting at a low cost - and saving electronics scrap from landfill to boot - it's a great project.

This time I'm going to show you how to control the light from a old/broken scanner/printer. Maybe you will see, I like to get many things from junk and use in my projects.

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