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Found on Instructables: Oven Moulding of Laser Cut Acrylic

Gareth Halfacree

We absolutely love laser cutters here at oomlout, from teeny-tiny desktop models through to the industrial units we use for our own products and everything in between. We've previously shown how they can be used to build everything from hinges to knobs, and now Instructables user Kiki Brown Bear has demonstrated a handy method for turning flat laser-cut acrylic into three-dimensional objects with nothing more complex than a household oven. The shapes, cutlery in Kiki's case, are heated in the oven then pressed onto a mould. For Kiki's project, that simply meant pressing her plastic cutlery shapes onto commercial metal equivalents. Once the acrylic has cooled, it hardens again and becomes usable in its new shape - and all without an expensive 3D printer in sight!

The acrylic should be fairly malleable and will begin to cool rapidly. Don't touch without the felt. If you're working larger, you will probably want leather safety gloves. The acrylic at this stage will take on any shape, including your finger prints.

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