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Arduino Day 2015 Opens Call for Local Event Organisers

Gareth Halfacree

The Arduino project is celebrating its birthday, and while the UK isn't lucky enough to play host to any of the five official celebrations - Torino, Malmo, Bangalore, Boston and Budapest being selected for that honour - the call has gone out for organisers to set up regional events. While the birthday event, dubbed Arduino Day, isn't until the 28th of March, the project is looking for volunteers to set up celebrations in their local areas. Suggestions for suitable events include Arduino-themed talks, hands-on workshops, open days for businesses and educational establishments that use Arduino or Arduino-based devices, and show-and-tell events for makers that have constructed something exciting. The deadline for applications is the 15th of March, and interested parties along with those who would like to attend a local event but don't want to organise one themselves can apply or keep track of what's happening on the official Arduino Day website.

Arduino Day is open to anyone who wants to celebrate Arduino and all the things that have been done (or can be done!) with it. The events will offer different types of activities, tailored to local audiences all over the world.

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