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Found on Tindie: The Open Theremin Uno Shield

Gareth Halfacree

The theremin is a fascinating musical instrument in and of itself, but for electronics enthusiasts it takes on a new dimension. Two antennas track the player's hands, using the body of the player as a capacitor in a giant oscillator the output of which is compared to a fixed source to produce an ethereal, haunting electronic tone. Invented in 1919 by Lev Termen, the theremin is often treated as a project for the more experienced electronics engineer - which is where the Open Theremin project comes in. While traditional theremins can be complicated to build, the Open Theremin Uno takes the concept and re-imagines it as a shield for the Arduino Uno. Although the project isn't new, the shields have only just appeared on independent marketplace Tindie for international shipping, priced at under £40 including postage - although the two antennas, one to control pitch and one for volume, need to be supplied separately. For anyone who is interested in theremin technology but lacks the confidence to tackle a scratch build, the project is certainly worth checking out.

Open Theremin is an open source hardware and software project. Join the young community around the next generation, digital version of the legendary music instrument. The Open.Theremin.UNO is based on the popular Arduino Uno development board and can be reprogrammed easily. Build your own, fully playable theremin with the shield, just add an arduino and two antennas to it and you are ready to play.

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