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Dacian Todea's Ultra-Thin PCB-Based PCB Enclosure

Gareth Halfacree

For many electronics hobbyists, creating an enclosure for their creation can be daunting. While the cost of small-scale manufacturing hardware like laser cutters and CNC mills is dropping all the time, and access to such tools on a community basis through hackspaces and the like increasing, there are those who still have no easy way to cheaply produce custom enclosures. Dacian Todea has solved that problem in an interesting way: using layers of PCB to form the case. Using standard FR4 PCB material Dacian, whose project was brought to our attention by Caleb Kraft over on Make, was able to produce an extremely thin yet electrically-insulating enclosure for his project. A metal-cored PCB at the rear, the only less-standard part of the build, additionally acts as a heatsink and thermal transfer shim for high-power components. While it's not a technique that scales, for small volume production it has allowed Dacian to get everything built at a single source: his standard PCB manufacturing house. The fact that the finished product is both attractive and thin is, naturally, a welcome bonus.

The case is made on that 2.5mm aluminium metal-core PCB for the power components, then there are two spacers of 1.6mm FR4 followed by the main board with all the smaller parts then another two FR4 1.6mm spacers and on top the front PCB with the capacitive buttons and cut out for the LCD.

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