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The oomlout Resistor Cutting Robot Spotted in the Wild

Gareth Halfacree

We're big believers in the open source ethos here at oomlout, and as a result little makes us happier than when we see someone using something we've designed. You can imagine our delight, then, when the resistor cutting robot (RECO) we designed back in 2010 appeared on the Cooking Hacks blog. Created based on our open source design by Pablo Murillo, the robot is designed to easily cut set lengths of resistors from their packing tape strips without needing to sit with a pair of scissors and manually count how many should be in each bundle. The brain of the system is, naturally, an Arduino Uno, while a servo provides the brawn and a pair of snap-off knife blades do the cutting work. Although Pablo's design differs from ours in one major respect - we laser-cut the wooden parts, while he opted to use a CNC mill - both builds serve as evidence that it's entirely possible to make small-scale manufacturing runs easier without the expense of buying industrial-grade equipment. If you want to see Pablo's robot in action, he has shared a YouTube video.

Today we bring you a project built by Pablo (surely you remember Pablo, don't you?), who works in the production department of Libelium. They go through a lot of resistor tapes every day in this department and they have to cut them manually with scissors so they can handle them more comfortably. This certainly takes a little bit of time and effort and he thought there had to be a way of making this easier and faster. And what better way than Arduino?

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