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Scott Pierce's Open Hardware mePed Quadruped Robot

Gareth Halfacree

The field of low-cost robotics is undergoing a rapid expansion, and that's something we support wholeheartedly here at oomlout. We've previously mentioned our friend Ben Gray's excellent MeArm laser-cut robotic arm design, and have just come across a clever variant inspired by its concepts: the mePed Quadruped Robot. As the name implies, the mePed is a four-legged creation which uses the same clever servo-retaining design as the meArm and features eight degrees of movement. Designed to be laser cut on a 300mm x 200mm machine - a common tool of hackspaces and other collaborative work environments - or, as of updated files released by creator Scott Pierce this weekend, 3D printed, the design uses common fixings and low-cost hobby servos to ensure that a walking robot is easily within the reach of even the most budget-constrained student or hobbyist. As with Bens' MeArm, Scott has also made the mePed open hardware under the permissive Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licence - meaning that it will hopefully inspire even more clever laser-cut robotics projects, just as it was inspired itself by the open-hardware MeArm.

The mePed Quadruped Robot is an open source robot for anyone who wants to build an inexpensive, 8 degree of freedom, walking robot. This Design is very much a work in progress as it is only in its second iteration. The build instruction are non-existent as of yet but I over the next few weeks I will create a step by step guide to building the robot. For the early adopters though, the pictures should be sufficient.

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