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Workshopshed Reviews the ARDX Starter Kit for Arduino

Gareth Halfacree

Here at oomlout we're terribly proud of our ARDX Starter Kit for Arduino, also known as the Arduino Experimenters' Kit. Inspired by the classic many-in-one electronics kits of yesteryear, we created a bundle which includes components, example projects with code, and layout overlay sheets for the breadboard - making putting components down in the right place as simple as possible. Better still, it's all open source under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence: you're free to download the files to get a feel for the kit, or to build your own variant. You don't need to take our word for its quality, though: Andy at Workshopshed recently gave the kit a field test and has been singing its praises. For those not familiar, the Workshopshed is exactly what it sounds like: a project to set up a small workshop in a garden shed, and its editor Andy is a constant source of joy for anyone interested in the physical side of making - as proven by his excellent Twitter stream highlighting interesting projects from around the world. We're thrilled that Andy enjoyed the kit, and even more so that the sample we provided has gone on to find a home at a code club where it can inspire kids into learning more about programming and electronics.

One thing that I’ve not see before is the breadboard sheets that you can cut out and put over your breadboard. You then simply copy the pictures by placing real wires and components onto the board to match the diagrams. You can download and print out more sheets if yours get lost or worn out from overuse. The kit does what it claims and is good value for money.

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