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Meet the #robox - the Future of Packaging

Gareth Halfacree

We've written plenty about the exciting products we and others have developed, but little about the boxes in which they come. There's a good reason for that, of course: unless you're in the packaging industry, there's every chance you've never given two thoughts to the cardboard boxes that protect your purchases. Now, though, all that changes thanks to #robox.

Our attempt to shake up the staid cardboard industry, each #robox could be thought of as a robot in disguise - if, that is, such a statement wouldn't attract the attention of Hasbro's lawyers. Nevertheless, it's an accurate summary of the concept: each box is printed with a #robox design, our robotic mascot you may recognise from the stickers we throw in with our orders, and it's the work of minutes with scissors or a sharp knife to free #robox from his boxy prison and turn him into his true self.

Each #robox is designed to be customised: you can draw or paint directly on the surface, cut out the accessories on the side, or take some spare cardboard - perhaps from a less exciting form of packaging - and make your own add-ons. They're fully Three Laws compliant - aside from the bit about inaction, which they're terribly good at - and there's plenty of room at the back for electronics if you fancy adding glowing eyes or a waving arm or two.

All orders bigger than will comfortably fit in a Jiffy Bag will now be delivered in a #robox, and we'd love to see what you do with them. Head on over to our #robox page for details on how to share your creation with us - and we'll be sharing our favourites with the world right here on the blog in the future.

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