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Arduino LLC Calls for Packaging Photos to Support Legal Case

Gareth Halfacree

The Arduino project has been finding itself basking in the light of the mainstream press of late, but for all the wrong reasons. There's trouble a-brewin' in a spat between the project's founders which is currently working its way through the legal system. Until the parties involved settle their disagreements, there's little individual users can do - but our friends at Adafruit have suggested that a resolution may be more speedily reached by documenting the manufacturing license which exists between Arduino LLC and Smart Projects Srl, now known as Arduino Srl.

It's hoped that a timeline demonstrating the presence of a licensing agreement between the two companies throughout the history of production will clarify issues and provide a corpus of evidence to help reach a speedy legal resolution when the case reaches a judge's steely gaze. With the support of Arduino LLC, Adafruit's call-to-arms has resulted in a number of images tagged with #TeamArduinoCC being posted to social media, offering purchase dates and locations to support the global nature of the agreement.

Please post any old packaging you have from older Arduino products that also have this on Flickr, G+, Instagram, Twitter, wherever you can, you can use the tag #TeamArduinoCC to help.

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