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Samsung Launches Arduino-Certified Artik Family Alpha Test

Gareth Halfacree

The Arduino project began life as a standalone thing, creating low-cost development boards based on off-the-shelf microcontrollers from Atmel. As it gained in popularity, its open-source nature saw numerous spin-off Arduino-compatible devices appear - everything from direct clones to innovative new devices like the Tsunami. More recently Arduino LLC has been looking to formalise things with 'Arduino Certified' partnerships, including a deal with Microsoft to make Windows 10 the first Arduino-certified operating system. Now, the Arduino Certified family grows still larger with the news that Samsung has launched an application processor and development board family dubbed Artik. Announced by Arduino LLC's Zoe Romano late yesterday, following a presentation at the Internet of Things World event by Samsung president Young Sohn and Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi, the Artik family ranges from the 12mm² Artik 1 microcontroller through the 29mm x 25mm Artik 5 to the 29mm x 39mm Artik 10, both of which feature high-performance ARM-based microprocessors. Each, the pair have promised, will be compatible with the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE), with Massimo claiming the partnership "gives the Arduino-passionate community the right tools to create something revolutionary in [the Internet of Things], in a faster and easier way." Pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed, but interested makers can sign up for the alpha programme until the 31st of May at the official website.

Our approach is to provide open platforms to help accelerate the development of IoT for our customers, developers and end users. Being part of Arduino’s Certified Program helps millions of developers familiar with Arduino IDE to take advantage and focus all of their energy to building new and innovative products.

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